Mid 20th century West Greenland kayak Replica

From Nuuk, the original is housed in the Musee de la Marine, in Paris. Ca. 1Bs.24

LOA 16'3"  Beam 19 7/8"  Depth to sheer 6 15/16"

Built by Deb Millar as part of a class at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum in Massachusetts, this kayak is typical of similar mid 20th century west greenland kayaks that I have built.  A steeper flare in this kayak trades some rolling performance for speed.   The moderate sheer and progressive bow rocker promise to fight weathercocking, and manuverability is fantastic.  With so little wetted surface area, the kayak glides beautifully.  It reminds me of my 1931 disko bay kayak of similar dimentions.  Beautiful job Deb.

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