Class IV  the whitewater blog of Brian Schulz

Why class 4?  Well first because my sea kayaking website is overflowing with stories and photo journals and I needed somewhere else to write.   If you are curious about who I am, or what else I do, visit my sea kayaking site:   Cape Falcon Kayak
Originally this blog was supposed to be called class 3 but then I became a slightly better boater and now it's called class 4.  More to the point, this is a blog about soul boating,  about the pursuit of surf and whitewater kayaking for the sheer beauty and deep intimate connection to the water,  not just the action and difficulty.   More than anything, it's about having fun, and really appreciating the precious gift we have, to be able to play in a world where so many people have to work 24/7 just to survive.   Never take it forgranted!

Stories and Trips:

Running the North Fork Nehalem at maximum flood

Whitewater kayak fishing for winter steelhead

November rafting on the
Illinois River

South Fork Wilson exploratory the Prison Camp run

Salmon River Canyon,  the first known Class 4 descent.

Sunshine and Sadness,  paddling the tears away on the West Fork Hood River

A tunnel of green,  a scrapy summer run on the Devils Lake Fork of the Wilson river

I get a free chiropractic neck adjustment after stuffing it on a steep surf wave

The tragic stumbles of Michele,  my first time on the Farmlands section of the White Salmon

Going with the flow, medium high on the Sandy River Gorge

Just add water, exploring the gorgeous green world of Opal Creek

Testing the waters, my first time on the Upper Wind River

Solo on the Salmonberry,  a one paddler adventure

Welcome to California, a spastic run down Chamberlains on the North Fork of the American.

Just chillin,  another fun run on June Creek.

Better than a root canal, Racing in the Northwest Creeking Competition

A little bit lower,  5 feet on the Upper Wind.