Course Introduction,    2012 class schedule here

At Cape Falcon Kayak we've built over four hundred skin-on-frame boats in the last seven years.  As an avid kayaker, instructor, and builder,  I am thrilled to be doing what I love for a living.   Skin on frame kayak building is unique because it allows for instant integration of new ideas into the kayak and is easily adapted for individual needs.  The synergy between materials, student and instructor is exploring some of the most exciting territory of modern kayak design.  I look forward to sharing this excitement. 

How to Register, How to pay:

To sign up for a class send me an email in the following format:

John Doe
March 1-7 class,  April 2-8 class (2nd choice)
160 lbs
height 5'7"
waist 33"
inseam 32"
I would like to build an F1  (it's ok to say undecided)

Below that feel free to ask any questions, add comments, and let me know if you'd like to purchase any gear in addition to a sprayskirt, backband, and flotation (I order all that stuff for everyone, it's your choice to buy it or not).    If you plan to camp on site or would like to rent the Japanese Forest House,  let me know.

Total class cost is $1300, includes all materials

ONCE I CONFIRM your place in the class send a deposit of 50% of the class cost

For the obvious reasons I also take cash payment and if you would like to pay the remainder in cash I'm happy to discount the class price by $50

cancellation policy:  if you drop out within 2 months of start date you forfeit your deposit, I need time to fill your space!

Checks Payable to:

Brian Schulz
PO Box 582
Manzanita OR 97130

Tools you'll need

    safety glasses and ear muffs or plugs
    Japanese saw, fine crosscut teeth  (there is brand called Razorsaw that makes the best and often the cheapest.)
    block plane- the stanley low angle plane is perfect, anything cheaper won't work
    combination square
    ordinary hammer
    2 Irwin quick grip clamps
    1" chisel
    25' tape measure
    2 cam straps,  preferrably the kind that tie down kayaks

If you have any of the following please bring it:

 cordless drill w/ the following bits,   1/8", 3/16", 1/4" twist drill bit (not brad point)
 jig saw with a sharp blade

How the class works

Most of my classes are scheduled for seven days,  however, the day before the class I'm working at the shop doing the prep work for the class.  This is when I cut and mortise the gunwales, cut all the wood, bend the cockpit hoops and other misc. stuff to get ready.  Why isn't this part of the normal class?  Because the work is loud, noisy, dusty, and requires use of a large table saw and other unpleasant tools.  Also, some people don't have nine days to build a boat.  For those of you who are inclined and have the extra time, you are welcome to come to the class early and participate in the work from the very beginning.  On these days I work 9 to 5pm.

Our scheduled class begins at 8am each morning and ends at 5pm, with forty-five minutes allotted for lunch.  (Bring a lunch,  town is 20 minutes away!)  All students will move at the same pace, with the quicker students helping the slower ones to catch up.   We try to stay on schedule but the days can be longer or shorter depending on how things are going.  On day seven all that remains is to add the deck lines and go for a paddle. 

Coming to the Oregon Coast,  travel and accommodations

The Manzanita area is beautiful and you should consider adding a day or two to your trip to explore.   The town itself is nestled at the southern base of Neah-Kah-Nie mountain, bordered to the west by the Pacific Ocean and to the southeast by Nehalem bay.  Only three miles to the north is Oswald West state park, an old growth rainforest preserve on the edge of the ocean; my favorite place in the world.  Our boatbuilding workshop and my off-grid permaculture farm are located 10 miles to the east on the north fork of the Nehalem river.  Reservations are necessary for everything around here, if you have a group it is often cost effective to rent a house.  There are a few other choices than this but this is who I reccomend.


A new option!  This year we've decided to rent the gorgeous Japanese Forest House to kayak building students,  cost will be $75 dollars per night for the entire seven days.   Stays less than five days cost $100 per night.   This very amazing space has wi-fi,  woodstove,  a super comfortable bed,  and access to the new and absolutely awesome Japanese inspired bath house  You can't do better for the price.  

 fine print:  10 dollars per extra person,  there have been cats in this space (rarely) just in case you are allergic.   We have cats so dogs aren't welcome on the farm , but are fine to bring to the class and the shop (where people camp).   


San Dune Motel,  (good people, free movies and bicycles, best rates)
1 888 368 5163

Rental Houses:

Ocean Edge Specialty rentals
503 368 3343


Nehalem Bay State Park  1 800 452 5687
The park can rent you a heated yurt for 27 dollars a night if you book in advance.

OR you can camp on site for $5 a night, we don't have showers yet but you can always bathe at the state park showers.   The shop has WiFi so bring your laptop.

Directions to the shop:

Mapquest the following address

77282 Hwy 53, Nehalem, OR 97131
When driving on Hwy 53 turn west onto Bridge Lane (one of the only marked side roads)  You'll immediately see a big red barn, that's the place.   It's on the Tillamook/Clatsop county line.

If you get lost, call the shop (let it ring)
503 368 2787

There is no cell phone reception on hwy 53

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions

Brian Schulz
home phone 503 368 3044
shop phone  503 368 2787