East Coast Journal 2007

in June I flew to Maine to teach kayak building

there were lots of big, weird moths


and we built some kayaks

standard outfitting for the post modern adventurer, ready for a gasoline shortage, or a flood

building kayaks and playing with kayaks

then south to New York for a quick paddle in the Graveyard of Ships, on Staten Island

then making kayaks in the Catskills

Jen stops by for a quick paddle

Rob gets the idea to brand his paddle with heated bailing wire, it looks cool

headed to the water to launch kayaks

Martin said to me,  "the swan is very beautiful but I don't want to share my pond with a large agressive bird."

the swan did not attack and we played with Greenland kayaks in the pond

meanwhile on the other side of the pond, a gorgeous cold molded wooden racer meets a very different type of skin-on-frame

little frogs prefer Snap Dragon spray skirts

my friend Pat shows me some cool places on the Hudson River and I tease her about going swimming in her PFD
the last laugh is on me though, in ninety degree heat she strokes comfortably at four knots against a strong headwind for seventeen miles
I struggle to keep up

one day we meet up with the Great Hudson River Paddle,  a water fight with a local kayakers ensues
this is way neater than tough guys on dramatic expeditions

thirty-one fourteen-hour work days, and three days of camping, time to go home.

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