Modern and traditional kayak designs

West Greenland Kayak
more info Canadian Museum Civilization catalog no. IV-A-375

 East Greenland Kayak
more info   Greenland National Museum KNK 1990x1

    Why build a Greenland kayak with me?  Authenticity.  I am the only builder dedicated to teaching the construction of traditional Greenland kayak replicas (copies of kayaks in museums).
  I select historic kayaks that will fit modern paddlers and modify them as little as possible to preserve the original shape and feel
.  My goal is to portray traditional hunting kayaks as accurately as possible.  This means dispensing with romantic ideas about the use or construction of these kayak.  The Greenland kayak was a weapon, it's purpose was the easiest possible route to the largest amount of meat in the least amount of time.  To this effect the Eskimos used nails, pegs, sheets of metal, whatever was available to build the kayak.  Likewise the kayak was refined for silence and stalking capabilities, resulting in a kayak that was perfect for hunting, but often only tolerable for the uses of modern recreational sea kayaker.  What I am saying here is that a Greenland kayak will reward you when you meet it on it's own terms.  Exploring the mysteries of traditional hunting kayaks is always a source of inspiration when you approach it with the right attitude. A Greenland kayak provides unparralelled intimacy with the water, and it's ease in rolling will improve every aspect of your kayaking life.  Beware of the snake oil purveyors who tell you that the Greenland kayak is the best kayak ever made, or other such foolishness.   A Greenland kayak is simply a Greenland kayak, and isn't that enough?

Cost of a custom Greenland kayak is $2000,  kayak building class $1200, eight consecutive days.

The F1

The F1 is my own kayak design.  Created for the roughest water and most unforgiving conditions, the result is a kayak that is also ideally suited for peaceful flatwater exploring.  Quick, stable, comfortable, and manuverable.  The neat thing about this boat is that it can be sized to the individual paddler, each kayak is not a copy of the next.  To see the full writeup, click here.

Custom Kayak $2000,
kayak building class $1200, eight consecutive days.

The L.P.B.

For those of you who simply must have a longer sea kayak, whether you need it or not, I've created the Long Pointy Boat.   This kayak hangs onto much of the amazing paddling capabilities of the F1, while offering more down the line speed.  If you've got the arms to push it, the L.P.B. will smoke past other 17ft sea kayaks.
To learn more about the L.P.B.  click here

Note: the newer version will have an upward swoop at the bow to add just a bit more sex appeal.

Custom Kayak $2000, kayak building class $1200, eight consecutive days.


Tyak is a purebred multisport racing kayak.  Each kayak is custom sized to paddler.  Targeting this kayak to 6.5 mph instead of the ridiculous sprint speeds that the 21ft kayaks can achieve but racers can seldom hold, I've keep weight and wetted surface to an absolute minimum.  Tyak not only is fast, it FEELS fast.   To see the full writeup click here

Custom kayak $2400,  kayak building class $1200, eight consecutive days.

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