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Kayak building classes


Building your own kayak is a fun and rewarding experience.   The scale and cost of a kayak places this goal easily within reach.   At Cape Falcon Kayak we work VERY HARD to design the best skin-on-frame kayaks you can buy or build anywhere.  Because we build a large quantity of kayaks per year (about eighty) the process is highly refined.  The synergy between student and teacher and the ability to instantly incorporate new ideas allows these kayaks to grow in a way the feels alive.  You will learn to trust your own sense of balance and symmetry as you and the kayak grow together.  Woodworking skills are not needed and all materials are supplied.  We can accommodate up to 5 students at our workshop 10 miles outside Manzanita.  Kayaks are built in 8 day intensive blocks.  The class runs seven eight-hour days and one four hour day.

Cost $1300, you leave with a kayak and a paddle

Step by step, building a kayak

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"Hi Brian, just wanted to touch base, to say how much I enjoyed the class!   It was a lot of fun and we had a great bunch of guys.  Lots of laughs!  I loved the skin on frame construction.  You really have the process broken into manageable daily task.  I still can't believe we did it in 7 days!  After building strip boats, this is the speed of light.  Monday I took the F-1 out on the Deschutes River.  I have a 5 mile loop I paddle for exercise.  I can do a steady 3.5 mph upstream and about 5 mph downstream.  Today I went to a high mountain lake with friends.  Pictures are being forwarded in a separate e-mail.  We did 8 miles total.  On flat water I can cruise at 4 mph all day or push it up to 5 mph for a short burst.  This is almost as fast as my 17' Pygmy.  The F-1 is more maneuverable.  I really like the cockpit!  It feels comfortable hour after hour.  The simple foam seat bottom (and floor mat) is very comfortable and makes it easy to clean out the dirt and mud that typically get tracked into a kayak.  The adjustable foot pegs are great.  I wish I had these in every boat I paddle.  I really expected to do a fair amount of work to make the boat comfortable.  Not necessary!  Again thanks for a great class and a great boat! 
Regards, Chuck."

origins of kayaking modern skin on frame kayak designs  building classes home