Sculpture and architectural installations

During my kayak building classes, once the frame is complete, almost every single person says "wow, this would look great on my wall!"   Over the years I've sold quite a few of these beautiful frames to people who are enamored of their scultural possibilities. I've sold everything from beat up old frames to add that perfect touch to a garden, to exact handcrafted copies of traditional hunting kayaks for installation in galleries and businesses.   I also custom build anything you can imagine requiring a light wooden skeleton.   I have no fear of swoops, twists, and curves!

  1. garden quality frame, usually an old kayak with the skin stripped off $300-$600
  2. new frame, custom, modern, or traditional designs  $1200-$1600 depending on complexity
  3. exact copy of a traditional hunting kayak built with driftwood, every possible detail carefully reproduced to perfection $5000

  4. (exact means that it is tied together with real sinew from animals I hunted, I split and carved every piece by hand, every effort is made to build it in the way the original was made.  An exact frame comes with a web page of the construction process, a photo documentary, and a packet of all the known historical detail of this particular kayak, and photos of the original.)
Shipping anywhere in the country costs $200

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