PC-TIKS Photos
Pacific Coast Traditional Inuit Kayak Symposium

Meet on the beach, the swell report is 3 feet at 11 seconds.  Everyone is stoked for a nice afternoon paddle with a bit of caving and exploring.

45 minutes later on the outside.... we're watching 10 footers plunging from top to bottom on the set waves.  These are the first pulses from a far away storm, racing ahead of the forecast.   The shorebreak is ripping people out of tight greenland cockpits and a collision holes a boat.  Not everyone makes it out.  We decide not to land here.

Henry Romer paddling north along Neah Kah Nie headland.

Everywhere I like to play is closed out and we stay well away from all the rocks and caves.  Notice the foam on the water?  The last time I saw that and landed at Manzanita I destroyed a 400 dollar camera, hyperextended my knee, and broke three ribs.

Micheal Morris getting blasted by a blowhole.

We get protection from the swell and wind behind Cape Falcon.

Me, Cape Falcon, and my new Greenland Replica "Mary Kay"

Cape falcon and the crew.

Warren Willemson just can't stay upright.

Warren surprises me in a rock garden, I turn and shoot.

A moment later.

More Warren,  I shoot him alot because he is always where I am, in the middle of it!

Rob Gibbert and Warren, kayakers in the mist.

Ralph Johnson, the few the proud the Skin-on-frame.

Warren again, playing with his Anas on a small one.  Getting these shots is sketchy and seconds later we collided.

Henry Romer landing at Short Sand beach, see the surfer behind?  Still thumping but alot safer than Manzanita.  The downside for glass boaters is the half mile carry to the highway.

The bouy reports that afternoon registered 6 feet at 11 seconds.  NOAA never updated the forcast.

No serious injuries,  skilled paddlers,  good lessons.
PC-TIKS was awesome.  Thank you everyone.