Building Kayaks at the Northwest Maritime Center
a few photos from the first class of 2012

In the cold and rainy winter my unheated shop is often less than habitable.   In these months I often travel to teach.    Sometimes the venues are merely satisfactory so it's a real treat to be able to teach at the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend.    Their workshop is beautiful,  well equipped,  and bustling with boatbuilding activity that lends and authentic feel to the experience.    Interestingly,  most of my students in this class traveled from farther than I did to attend,  including:   Alaska,  Illinois,  New Mexico,  and Australia!   Together we spent an easy week building six kayaks,  which we launched on a cold blustery morning in the marina.   The class went like clockwork and I can't imagine a better start to my season.   Thank you to the students and the NW maritime center!   Here are a few photos.

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