Adding a rub strip

 A rub strip can protect your keel from wear as well as tighten the tracking on a kayak,  my kayaks are designed to need a 1/4" rub strip at the stern.  The Ginnyak or SC-1 rub strip should be 15" long and 7/16" wide,  boatbuilding hardwood.  (white oak, black locust)  The replica recieves 2 strips, a 4 foot strip at the bow and a 3' strip at the stern.  These are easily bent around the stems using steam or dry heat.   The strip is drilled and countersunk with a #6 countersink, but not bedded in goop or piloted into the keel (so you can replace it), fasten it down with #6 x 3/4 inch stainless or bronze wood screws.  Be careful, it's easy to strip the holes.  It shouldn't need saying that the rub strip must be layed on absolutely straight.  No need to finish, it's a rub strip! 


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