5 feet on the gauge
my second time down the Upper Wind

After running the Upper Wind for the first time last week at 5.7 feet,  I just had to hit it again, this time a bit lower.   I love the first two miles of this run,  it's called four different rapids but it's basically a non-stop class 4 boulder garden with a couple of eddies.   Easier at this flow,  but absolutely not a run to tackle if you don't have solid class 4 boating skills.   I've watched two people swim in my two runs so far.    There are lots of places to pin and lots of rocks to slam into.  On this run I pinned briefly twice,  and had to fight my way out of an innocuous looking pourover that simply would not let me go.   My companions for this run were Jessica, Mike, Matt, Eric, and Christine.  I'm not going to write this one up,  but enjoy the photos.  

Jessica was not our swimmer,  just to make that clear.

Such a good run,  I guess I should go do Farmlands or something next.

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