Greenland Paddles designed for use

"on a remote beach, these new blades are 40 miles into a 160 mile journey I finished in 5 days,
 I wouldn't dream of paddling with anything else."

 As with anything designed to flow through water little changes make a big difference.   Fit is everything.  A greenland paddle can be magic in the water if it fits right,  if not, you'll look down and ask "why are these skinny sticks so popular?".  I am obsessed with sizing and work very hard to match the paddle to the paddler.  Performance, fit, and durability,  these are the things I care about.  Fancy laminations, carbon fiber, fiberglass sheathing are all things you can get from some other paddle maker.   These things are just not worth the weight they add.  These aren't wall pieces but rather the same paddles that I use on my own kayaks in surf and sea cliffs where equipment failure is not an option.  

In the last few years the Greenland paddle has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, and for good reason; the Greenland paddle is a remarkable kayaking tool.  Shaped and sized to the paddler.  Its slender profile catches less wind making it safer in stormy weather.  A lighter more controlled grip on the water means less danger of shoulder injuries that are too common in sport kayaking today.  A wider shaft eliminates the tendency to death grip the shaft that results in aching fingers and tendonitis.  Designed to be extended it provides a variable range of extension in forward, bracing, and recovery strokes.   Its natural buoyancy and in line blades provide common sense indexing that allows for easier orientation underwater,  making sculling to the surface and rolling up much easier.   In fact there are many techniques that can only be performed with a Greenland paddle.  Lightweight.  Hand crafted.
Cost $150,   shipping is about $25

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