A word about photos:   For all but the expert or insane, photography often depicts the moment it is convenient to take photographs.  It is for this reason that you'll not find any photos of Ginny straining to maintain control of the tiller in a nasty afternoon wind chop, or me dashing naked into the darkness and chilly water to pull the boat ashore in a sudden midnight gale.   Nor will you see any photos of whales or dolphins.  A Blue or a Finback surfacing is an awesome sight, and to sail through a pod of perhaps 500 dolphins is to be swept into the river of life itself, but I'll leave the capture of these moments to professionals.  I have several writing projects surrounding this mini adventure so I won't be detailing it here but will try to find time to add captions.

Camp cruising the Sea of Cortez
photo documentary

Mulege to Ensenada Blanca, 130 miles, 15 days

...and then back on the Oregon Coast

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